High School Youth achieve 1st Place

ysc_2006_000_mediumThe High School youth of Saint Mark's Church finished 1st place at the Diocese Spiritual Competition that took place on Saturday, August 19 2006. 

There were also various individual 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies given to Saint Mark's youth ranging from Junior High, High School and College on individual accomplishments.  *A full list of the winners is provided below. Courtesy of LAcopts.org

Photo and Video Included!


College Group
1st place: Saint John Church
2nd place: Saint Marina Church
3rd place: Saint Peter/Saint Paul Church

College Individual
1st place: Jennifer Yanni (Saint Marina Church), Diana Gharbawy (Saint
Athanasius Church), Samuel Gabriel (Saint Mark Church), Mina Ragheb
(Saint Mark Church)

2nd place: Heba Khalil (Saint Mark Church), George Kerolos (Saint Mark Church)
3rd place: Mary Samy (Saint Mary Magdalene Church), Antonious Sadek (Saint Mark Church)

High School Group


High School Youth – 1st place

1st place:  Saint Mark Church
2nd place: Archangel Michael Church (Santa Ana)
3rd place: Saint George Church (Bellflower) – Team B

High School Individual
1st place:  Mariett Younan (Archangel Michael Church- Santa Ana),
Camelia Soliman (Saint Mark Church), Joseph Elmasri (Saint Marina
2nd place: Lauren Gharbawy (Saint Mark Church), Angelo
Mishriki (Saint Mark Church), Maryamm Mina (Saint Mark Church)
, John
Faheem (Saint Maurice Church)
3rd place: Monica Azer (Saint Mark Church), Christian Barsoum (Saint Mark Church)

Junior High Group
1st place:  Saint George Church, Bellflower – Team A
2nd place: Saint Maurice Church, Pomona – Team A
3rd place: Saint George Church, Bellflower – Team B

Junior High Individual
1st place:  Mira Mikhail (Saint George Church), Maryna Agaibi (Saint Mark Church), Joy Tawadros (Saint George Church)
2nd place: Mariam Samy (Saint Mary Magdalene Church), Michael Samy
(Saint Mary Magdalene Church), Antony Ibrahim (Archangel Michael
Church– Santa Ana)
3rd place:  Heidi Messiha (Saint Marina Church)

Video on YSC 2006. Compiled by LAcopts.org 

We congratulate all our youth on their outstanding performance!

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