Newcomer Ministry

America is a land of immigrants. Coptic youth continue to come to the U.S. by various means, especially in light of the difficult circumstances in Egypt today. Many of the recent newcomers are here as a result of relatives who are U.S. citizens who sponsored them, as a result of the lottery which is a new immigration program, or as applicants for political asylum.

This new immigrant group is a benefit and a challenge to the Coptic Church in America. Their presence helps keep the connection with the mother Church in Egypt strong. They also strengthen the traditional values of the Coptic Society in America. However, many of them do not have the same professional skills that new immigrants had in the past. Some of them feel lost and have difficulty adjusting to the new culture and job market with demands very different from those in Egypt. They will however, continue to come as long as life is difficult in Egypt, the lure of America exists, and the laws of immigration in the United States remain reasonable.


Our welcome and newcomer ministry focuses to helping those looking to immigrate to seek a new life for them and/or their children. We will assist in finding housing, jobs and reasonable transportation. This ministry is not possible without the help of faithful congregants willing to donate their time and resources for others.

If you are looking to move to Los Angeles and need help please feel free to get in touch with us.