4th Sunday of Tute – The Sinful Woman


The story of the repentance of the sinful woman is full of emotions. It is difficult for the human being to express it. This woman, in her repentance did not utter one word. She didn’t open her mouth. So how could we talk about what, she herself was not capable of expressing? She dissolved all the feelings for repentance, and all the thoughts to return to God with the flood of her tears, which she poured on the Savior’s feet. We can’t imagine the scale of tears, which that woman has shed, sufficient enough to wash Jesus’ feet. That woman, with her mannerism, invented a new means for repentance. The church, through the years, adopted it, and it became the ultimate example for the power of repentance, and the courage to reach Jesus’ feet.

She started wetting His feet with her tears. The tears are the signs of being unable to express one self. It is when the heart’s emotions silence the mouth, and the eyes speak out. This is done in such a language, which is beyond any talk, and is powerful than any tongue. Wonder what is that woman trying to say with her tears, which she poured on the Savior’s feet?


Is she trying to say that she is very, very sinful. That she could not, express with words the load of her sins.

Or is she seeing herself being incapable of expressing the depth of the destructive abyss, which she has reached. She is like a small child, lost from her father, in the shadow of her astray. Lost and not aware of the bitterness for being so far from her father, until he finds her. In an instant the child explodes with the tears of the union, complaining of the separation and loss, and weeping with pity on the father’s chest.

Or when she saw the beloved Savior, and recognized the emotions of His Divine love towards the sinful, and especially towards her. Though she was full of sins, she exploded weeping, with the feelings of not being worthy of the Divine love. She felt that she was neglecting and delaying the search towards this pitiful heart.

Or was she aware, through the eyes of repentance, when she looked at Jesus’ feet, she felt the conditions which these feet will bare. These feet will be walking towards Golgotha. She saw the Lord surrendering His feet to the nails for her sake. This was to save her from the path of sin and death. So she exploded weeping and wetting His feet with her tears.

Or is it, when she touched His feet, she knew the extend of the great difference between the defile of her sins, the filth of her hands and the endless purity of the Lord, who is Holy. So she poured out her tears, maybe she would clean the filth of her hands, which have touched His pure feet.

Surely the woman’s heart would have been filled with such emotions. But certainly these holy and very honorable thoughts were stored and saved in her heart, waiting for a chance to be expressed. So when she found a relief, the fountains of tears exploded, without ceasing, as if the Sun of Just, when it dawned on her, it immediately melted the ice burgs of her sins. So her tears flowed over.

She came from behind Him

The Lord said about the repenting tax collector, that he didn’t want to lift his eyes towards heaven. Similarly, this woman did. She came with humility, from behind Him. She came with an unworthy feeling, in fear, full of shyness with tearful eyes and looking downwards. (O my non-repenting soul, how many times have you stood defiantly without humility before God!).

How powerful are these eyes which turned around the Lord’s pitiful mercy, who said,

“Turn Your eyes away from me.” (Songs 6:5).

Between the Pharisee and the sinful woman

A big abyss and a vast distance, is separating between Simon the Pharisee and the sinful woman. It is true that Simon showed hospitality for the Lord Jesus in his house, but the sinful woman took the Lord into her heart and life. Simon presented the Lord with food and made for Him a feast, to be proud that he has invited the Lord. But it is known that there is a different food for Jesus. The sinful woman knew it. So the Lord was full with her repentance, and His soul rested in her tears. Simon sat beside the Savior, in pride and with prejudice. But the sinful woman, didn’t consider herself worthy of touching His feet. Simon didn’t kiss the Lord’s face, but the sinful woman, for she knew the extent of His love, she was not content, and she didn’t stop from kissing His feet. Simon didn’t wash the Savior’s feet with water. But this woman wet His feet with her tears. Simon didn’t anoint the Savior’s head with oil. But this one has anointed His feet with fragrant. -O beloved one, now do you know the amazing difference between these two sets of eyes?! There are a lot of souls, busy with what they call, ‘A service for Jesus’, like Simon the Pharisee. They try to silence the conscious, by working for feasts, parties or meetings. But where are their hearts, and their repentance? The Lord Jesus is not content with materialistic feasts, provided by those, whose hearts are busy with the world. He is not happy with offerings, presented by people, who don’t have repentance, tears or love like the sinful woman. Repentance, similar to the one by this woman, before the Lord, is more valuable than all the offerings by others. It is, in the Lord’s view, greater than big projects and great work in man’s view. -We hope, before we make an offering, that we surrender our hearts. And before inviting the Lord to a feast in our house, that we would pour our tears on His feet. So that He would accept our love and bless us with the forgiveness of our sins. P This woman, she loved a lot, and that is why her numerous sins have been forgiven.

Then He looked at the woman and said, “Then He said to her, ‘Your sins are forgiven’. Then He said to the woman, ‘Your faith has saved you. Go in peace.'” (Luke 7:48, 50).

O what joy the repenting heart enjoys. O what Divine peace that resides into the soul, replacing the tears. The smiting of the chest, repenting and the words of reproach within the soul. The Lord dawns with His Light demolishing the darkness, telling us a peaceful word, so a non-descriptive Divine peace resides in our soul. Is it right to complain about this woman? -Simon and those sitting, they were moved by the devil to complain about the children of God. Therefore, it is true what our teacher; Saint Paul the apostle said, “Who shall bring a charge against God’s elect?” (Rom. 8:33). Who judges? Jesus is the One that forgives.

The Lord stood like a Good Shepherd, protecting His small sheep, which sought Him. He protected it under His wings, He rebuked the wolves who wanted to snatch it. Blessed, O you woman, who with her tears deserved to hear the comforting words from the mouth of the Lord Himself.

O Lord provides us with a lot of fountains of tears, as You have previously provided the sinful woman. Allow me to wet Your feet which saved me from going astray path. Provide for me a pure life, with repentance, so that I could hear Your voice, full of joy, saying, “Your faith has saved you. Go in peace.” (Luke 7:50).

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