4th Sunday of Mesra – Tell us when will these things be?

img_0471.jpgThat is what the pure apostles asked during their dialog with Jesus. What they were concerned about was the when? And about the signs of the Lord’s coming?

Here our master Jesus corrects the apostle’s path, and changes their
thinking from the periodic entities. He warns them about dangerous
matters, which should be on their minds. Look at yourselves stay up
late. Be stead fast in the faith, as a lot will be misguided. There
will be false prophets and false teachers in the name of Jesus. They
will misguide a lot. Hopefully that, when the Son of man comes, He
might find faith on earth.

This is what we should be aware of in our spiritual mind. We should win
the eternal life, and share of the pure Just. It is said about our Holy
church, that it lived with its fathers, the ascetics, and saints who
were abiding by this Biblical thinking.

So it was never busy with the
flow of history according to its entity of times and periods, which the
Father kept in His authority. We were never concerned with signs,
escape, hunger or epidemics. She (the church) was not entangled in
these matters, because the church was busy decorating herself to meet
the Groom. The church is at watch, to be filled overwhelmingly with the
Spirit, so that the church becomes worthy to enter the heavenly

The time, during which others were busy calculating the dates and
periods, they were trapped in astray, and were disoriented away from
the truth. This is because they didn’t keep the Lord’s commandment and
His everlasting words.

A Warning from Going Astray

From the early days, the evangelic Saint John said, "Because many false
prophets have gone out into the world." (1 John 4:1). So, who is not
misleading other than those who don’t stumble in Jesus Christ coming in
the flesh.

The Target of Those False Prophets

Therefore, one would be lost if one denies that Jesus is not the Son of God and henceforth not believe in Him.

How numerous are contrives and heresies that have passed, currently
present and will come. The only guarantee is the church, which is the
pillar and foundation of the truth. This is the one that preserved the
faith, with the blood of its martyrs, the sweat aroma of its ascetics
and the late stay of its Saints. It handed to us the faith like milk
for the brain, which could not be cheated or forged.


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