Jesus’ Humanity – Poem

Jesus’ “divinity never parted from his humanity, not for a single moment, nor a twinkling of an eye”. But this does NOT mean that his divinity eased the pain that Jesus felt during passion week. As a matter of fact, we see Jesus’ humanity, when he bleeds, when he falls, when he thirsted on the way to the mount, and when he was crucified, and especially when he asked his Father, why he had forsaken him. And yet, even though Jesus felt all this pain, he was still able to say “father, forgive them for they know not what they do”. So as we begin a new spiritual year, let us remember Jesus’ ability to forgive after being tortured to death, when we hold grudges against others for things that cannot even be compared to what we have done to our Lord.

I was standing in prayer on that cold windy night

When Judas kissed me & said this is Jesus the Nazarite

They dragged me from place to place

While punching me and spitting on my face

Oh Father, why do you put me through this disgrace.

I was delivered to Pilate in an open court

I was seeking but I didn’t find any support

Even after I healed their sick & raised those who died

not many were there to stand by my side

I told them I was your son, they yelled blaspheme

they told me lie, but I couldn’t agree

So they said CRUCIFY HIM, and set the murderer free

After all I’ve done for them, yet they forget

I only came to forgive their sins, and pay their debt

Indeed, it is quite sad, how quickly they forget

For it was those people whom I came to save (the jews)

Who were same people sending me to my grave

They led me away, and put a crown of thorns on my head

they dug it deep into my skull, until my face was covered with red

They twisted and hammered it down till I could not abstain

From screaming out in excruciating pain

They dressed me in a purple scarlet robe, and gave me a rod

Only to mock me saying: So this is Son of God?

They spat on me & and beat me till you could count all my bones

Then left me in a dungeon far away where no one could hear my painful moans

The next morning my human body was tired & hurt

But it continued as they dragged me along the rugged dirt

I was sent then to be tortured with 39 lashes of a 3-pronged whip

Over and over again with barbs of steel on my back till it’d rip

And when my back was completely torn, they turned me around

And bound me to the ground, then continued to pound

I looked around and I saw some people crying

Till finally the torture stopped when I was on the verge of dying

They led me outside, where I’d carry my own cross

I couldn’t even carry it due to such extensive blood loss

The weight was more than most men could drag

But they didn’t care they just put it on my back

They made me drag it across the hot desert heat

In front of everyone’s taunting laughs on the street

Not even a drink of water, nor sandals on my blistered feet

I continually fell onto the hard jagged concrete

Only to have the cross come slamming on my head

& atop the rest of my body which was nothing else but bloody meat

Finally, I arrived to the mount of the skull

the wind picked up, and the colors of the sky became dull

I looked around and my friends still had not come

Perhaps, to them, this was just a little too gruesome

Only a few of the many & my mother came to my side

At least someone would be there for me when I died

They laid me upon the cross & wrote king of the Jews

Instead of tying me up like others, they decided to hang me by nails

So they dislocated my shoulders, but my throat was to dry to scream

That way I’d also suffocate when lifted on the wooden beam

They pounded stakes into my hands, and I couldn’t help but stare

Oh, the pain was much more than I or any man could bear

Then they lifted the cross up high for everyone to see

The few that came for me, came crying at my knee

But where were the rest … the ones I came to save?

They were at home locked up & scared, even after I forgave?

I was left hanging for hours by only nails in my hands

This position made me suffocate, and no one seemed to understand

They told me to save myself, when in fact I was saving them from Satan’s hand

As my time came near

I felt the earth tremble & saw the sun disappear

I saw all the peoples faces filled with fear

Then finally the earthquake hit

Which made the temple split

It collapsed just like I had said

And then finally I appeared to be dead.

-Thomas Nashed

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