Second Sunday of Paone | Curing the Paralytic

They came to Him presenting a paralytic. Four were carrying him. When they could not come near Him because of the crowd, they uncovered the roof where He was. So when they had broken through they let down the bed on which the paralytic was laying. When Jesus saw their faith, He told the paralytic, “Your sins are forgiven you.” (Mark 2:5). Today’s Bible is serving the paralytic and presenting them to Jesus… It is the Bible of the compassionate hearts which don’t rest without giving and serving. They took action as they don’t just stop under the banners of verses and powers, which glorify the name of Jesus.

The Paralytic

The paralytic is a person paralyzed and incapable of movement… Laying in the bed of death and shadow of darkness… Aren’t there, among us today, a lot of paralytic, the sin has paralyzed their movement towards God. Neither hands lifted up towards God in prayer, nor legs seeking His message or kneeling in humility. No eyes looking with hope, or a heart aloft in simplicity… The whole body is torn by sin and the shadow of death.

Four Men

Is there among us today, a friend with a compassionate heart to have pity on his brethren… Where is his zeal to protect us, his prayers, his fasting and humility before his Lord, on behalf of his brethren, and his father’s house. Where are Jeremiah’s tears? Where are the intercessions of Moses and David and the prayers of Ezekiel…Is there here today, anyone who strengthen his grip and carry the pains of his brethren… we should carry each others pain, as this is how you will fulfill Jesus’ law.

When Jesus saw Their Faith

What part did these four men do in this miracle? It is a very important and outstanding part to fulfill God’s intentions…

Denying Oneself

This is a major factor to cure the paralytic souls. The four men are representing the true service in the church, the bishop, the priest, the deacon and the congregation. If they unite in true love, work in self-denial and don’t race who is first among them, then they will be serving the paralytic souls. As long as they live in self-denial and not seeking glory or fame… As long as they practice in the Spirit of Jesus, resenting oneself, just to serve others for the sake of Jesus, then the miracles must occur. Jesus, Glory is to Him, will be definitely looking at their faith. He will have pity on them and will provide them the forgiveness of sin.

The Faith

Those whom completed their faith are the saints, who had complete trust in Jesus Himself. Those in faith they did virtue and achieved promises and were strengthened after weakness… These four, today in the church, are our fathers the saints, who carry the paralytic souls… With their prayers presenting them to the Savior, with faith and the Savior cures them. Today the church is living in this faith, when we ask for the intercession, we ask the saints to intercede for the weak and for those who didn’t repent. We plead that they would be carried through their prayers to where the Lord Jesus is.

The Sin is the Cause of Sickness

The Lord told the paralytic, “Your sins are forgiven you.” (Mark 2:5), before telling him, “Arise, take your bed and walk.” Mark (2:9). Because Jesus first takes care of the remission of sin and to cast out what is within before working on what is on the outside. Numerously we would expect God’s men to talk about social correction, materialistic issues and social problems. But we see the church concentrates on talking about repentance and forgiveness… The truth is that the church is responsible of finding a solution for the people’s problems. But we have to discover that the secret of their pains, their sufferings and the illness they live in, is existing within the sin, which is the cause behind it all. Because of sin, death entered the world and went through all humanity. Every time we neglect the Spirit and stray away from God, we veer away from exposing the sin, which resides within our inner depth and it would be worthless to attempt to achieve the forgiveness of sin.

Forgiveness of Sin

In this dialog, Jesus reveals the power of the forgiveness of sin. He tried to show us, how man immediately gets strength from weakness, and gains life from death… goes from darkness to light when he acquires forgiveness of his sins. The Lord wants, through the healing of the human body, to reveal for us the secret of the forgiveness of sins within the human soul. Here the body stands witness, hidden in the soul of that sick person, when the Lord carried the burden of his sins and released him from the death of its grip. So the paralytic immediately gets up moving, with this new power, and carries his bed walking among the crowd… This view was a wonder for the human mind and an amazement of a colossal dimension. Then how will the soul look from the inside when it breaks the ties of sin, and enjoys the power of the Lord, and the forgiveness of sins!!

But how the Forgiveness of sins is accomplished

The Lord told the paralytic, “Your sins are forgiven you.” (Mark 2:5). The subject is not a word just said by the Lord to the paralytic, but in essence the Lord Jesus has accepted to interact with the sick in an amazing exchange… To take the sins and to give him His virtue, to carry his pains and set free his soul from bondage, then the Lord would endure Himself that bondage… He who doesn’t know sin, became sin on our behalf, for us to become virtuous of God in Jesus Christ.
This is what the Lord was planning to do, to work with all humanity through the cross… The forgiveness of sin is that Jesus, the Lamb of God, will carry this sin for us so that we are forgiven from its horrifying burden. It is His sacrifice and a ransom for many…

Get up Carry Your Bed

The sign of health for this sick person is to carry the cross… By this everyone is witness that he acquired strength and a new life… This is the intent of the Lord to give us a sign and a down payment for salvation, when He told us to carry our cross and follow Him… Our carrying of the cross is a sign of our new life. It is our power after tasting the death of the cross and the shame of sin. We became cross bearers as a sign for the cure of our souls and the creation of our new life.