Pre-Immigration Requirements to the United States

urlIn order to facilitate a smooth immigration process, please take note of the following requirements.

When contacting St. Mark Church for assistance during your immigration process, please provide the following:

  1. Name and listing of immigrant family members along and their social, financial and educational statuses.
  2. Provide the church with your gate of arrival in the U.S., airport destination, airline, flight number and time.
  3. Please provide us with names of families or friends in the U.S., noting that no sponsors are needed after April 2004.
  4. Please provide a copy of your driver’s license/international driver’s license to be exchanged at the Department of motor vehicles for a state license valid for 1 month until a written and driving test is taken.
  5. Birth Certificates for all members of your family (will need an English translated copy approved by the foreign ministry or the American Embassy).
  6. Baptism Certificates for all members of your family.
  7. Marriage certificate, if applicable  (will need an English translated copy approved by the foreign ministry or the American Embassy).
  8. Death certificates, if applicable.
  9. If single, a certified church certificate that the person has not been previously married.
  10. Please provide immunization, medical and X-ray  records if applicable.
  11. Please provide education certificates, transcripts, grades, units and courses studied in High school, college or graduate school.
  12. Please provide  your children’s educational accomplishment certificate or similar documentation, if applicable.
  13. Please provide your job history and experience in English in a resume or C.V. format to assist with job placement.
  14. Please provide a recommendation letter from your Father of confession.
  15. If applying for asylum, please provide any police records for acts of discrimination or incidents or other applicable documentation.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.