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St. Mark’s Coptic Medical Center

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The vision through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ is to become a premiere medical clinic to establish our ongoing journey to become the finest center: to provide the utmost health and compassionate care and health education to the St. Mark uninsured congregation and recent immigrants of roughly a patient case load of 200 visits a month. Welcoming patients of all faith throughout the neighboring community of Los Angeles, St. Mark’s Medical Center is uniquely committed to the special healthcare needs to the entire community, whose traditions help to guide the provision of our services. St. Mark Medical Clinic is the hope for the future of extensive medical needs for international immigrants, uninsured resident of California, and any resident seeking medical care regardless of legal status.


St. Mark’s Medical Center provides people with the opportunity to share God’s love through short term and long term spiritual and medical care in our local community; Making a difference by improving the health of our community and providing quality health care with space, staff and funding sufficient to meet the needs of our community and church congregation.

Specialties offered

>  Internal Medicine
>  Family Medicine
>  Pediatrics
>  Psychiatry
>  Dentistry

Difnar | Antiphonarium

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The Difnar or Antiphonarium of the Coptic Church contains two hymns for each day of the year, one of these is in the mode “Adam” and is to be used when that day falls on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday, the other is in the mode “Batos” and is for use when the day falls on any one of the four other days of the week. The following Coptic to English translation is kindly provided by Ashraf Hanna.

Sincere thanks are due to the St. Shenouda the Archimandrite Coptic Society in Los Angeles and to its president, Mr. Hany N. Takla, for providing me with a copy of these manuscripts and for his valuable and much needed input throughout the translation process and without which this work would not have been possible.

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