Curriculum for Preparation of Sunday School Servants

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Beloved of our Lord Jesus Christ:                         

May the grace and peace of our Lord be with you.

It is with great joy that we announce the publication of a new book “Curriculum For Preparation of Sunday School Servants”.

This book includes so many useful features that we believe will help Sunday School servants in accomplishing one essential element of their mission: that is to prepare new generations of servants of the Lord.

Some of these features are:

+ This book provides Sunday School servants with the necessary tools to start a servants’ preparation class right away.

+ It is written in a format suitable for the servant to deliver the lessons, as well as to be used by the students both in the classroom as a handout and at home as a reference. 

+ It covers the three main elements of the service in Sunday School: the spiritual basis, the practical aspects of serving in the classroom and beyond, and understanding the psychology of children.

+ These elements are covered in a comprehensive program for one year.

+ The book is based on a program that has been taught for many years both in Egypt and in the Los Angeles area after being modified to fit the Sunday School service in America.

+ Thus, it will make a wonderful gift for servants in Sunday School, youth meetings, and other services in the church, as well as parents.

The book is available with minimum donation of $10 ($8 for orders of more than 20 books). Please order your books by filling out the order dform found below or contact the church.

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As we ask for your support for this effort, we pray that God will use it to glorify His Holy name.



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